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Mike Van Patten

Mike is a dedicated and loving husband and father. He and his wife have raised three well-rounded and motivated children. Mike is an avid outdoorsman and a talented musician. He graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in Political Science and Russian. Throughout his professional career he has held a variety of positions, ranging from fast-paced operations managing employees to running (& fixing things in) large estates.

Why did Mike become a handyman? After a long career of working for others, he decided it was time to be his own boss. Since he was young, Mike has always taken pride in his ability to work with his hands and fix whatever was in front of him. He is an efficient and skilled worker and will repair things to better than brand-new condition. His motto is "why pay someone to do this when I can do it better?" Pay him to fix something and it will never break again (hopefully).

Work experience:

- professional tile setter

- commercial tile estimater

- finish carpenter

- welder

- custom woodworker

- granite sales & installation

- etc.

Mike is the kind of person you want to invite into your home. Personable, reliable and respectable, he is your Home Solutions Utah handyman. 

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